"Drawing is the fundamental basis in the creation of all art".

Apple Trio 1, 11x14 canson paper

Apple Trio 1

Oranges, 11x14 canson paper


Red Grapes, 9x12 canson paper

Red Grapes

Apple Trio 2, 11x14 canson paper

Apple Trio 2

Bananas, 9x12 strathmore pastel paper


Red Pepper, 8x10.5 canson paper

Red Pepper

One of the first things a student artist is asked  to draw is an apple or something similar and easy in order to gauge drawing skills.  Some basic elements taught, such as Value, Line, Form and Color, are combined to create and develop the appearance of the object.  It's a good basic starting point for someone wanting to learn to draw.  I, on the other hand was asked to draw a brass chalice, which was much harder to do. It was the only object available to me from my instructor at the time I took lessons.  It had a lot of curves to it and I wasn't able to get the dimensions right but I pushed on. My point is that drawing is the fundamental basis for painting and it should be started first and perfected over time. With having  the right tools, drawing became fun and it became easier with practice. So here you have some of my early pencil drawings that I have done over the years. 

Purple Iris and Bud, 5x7 canson mi-tients paper

Purple Iris and Bud

It's no secret that flowers are one of my favorite subjects to paint. I love the freedom that flowers give when drawing or painting them. Their petals are free flowing and colorful. Mistakes can be made and no one will ever know because no two flowers are the same. Growing in every direction in almost every landscape, flowers offer Artists an opportunity to experiment with many design elements all at once. This is the whole attraction to me and it takes me to a different level of experience each time I paint them.

Alberta Wild Rose, 6x8 strathmore pastel paper

Alberta Wild Rose

This Wild Rose drawing is an early one. It came from a picture in a magazine and I thought I could sketch it out first and take to my class to finish it. Unfortunately the shadows are not great, I was still on a learning curve back then but it still looks nice.

Leotie, Flower of the Prairie, 20x24 canson mi-tients paper

Leotie, Flower of the Prairie

Inspired by my first drawing and again from a photograph, this one came some years after the Winona drawing. I like to think that she's also a first daughter but a younger version. The best feature I think is her smile and the flowers she is carrying is a symbol of her namesake. 

The Ballerina, 20x24 canson mi-tients paper

The Ballerina

This is an older drawing. I drew this to give to my parents as a gift. I had posted it to my other blog and  at around the time the movie, The Swan starring Natalie Portman came out in theatres, It drew a lot of attention on my traffic feed receiving lots of viewers coming from various places in the world to my blog. It sort of looks like Natalie Portman doesn't it? 

Winona,The First Daughter, 20x24 canson mi-tients paper

Winona, The First Daughter

I had decided to rename this drawing to a more appropriate one than the one that was featured in my previous blog.  She is the first drawing that I did in my art class years ago and was drawn from a photograph that my instructor had. It has been exhibited a couple of times during Native Awareness Week at the Calgary Public Library. It earned attention and praise from library patrons and individuals from native communities as they entered the library.

Cardinals, male and female, 16x18 canson mi-tients paper

Cardinals, male & female

This is the first drawing I ever made when I took art lessons. It came from a photograph that was provided to me. I wanted to draw these cardinals because they reminded me of when I took at trip to Florida and saw them in a tree outside my hotel room while on vacation there. I was attracted to the red plumage of the male bird in the photo and the position of the birds on the branch. I'm thinking Cardinals are perhaps migratory birds by the snow on the branches.

~All Drawings are not for Sale~