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 ~"Never give up on the things that bring you joy and make you smile" !  ~Marie 

Lilies and Sunflowers in Teal Vase

Lilies and Sunflowers in Teal Vase

This is a recent painting and was given to my mother as a Christmas present. Not painted from life however but from a photo. The inspiration here was that I could paint it in the colors I wanted and play around with the image. It was a joy to just let loose on it and do whatever I wanted. I tried to give it an abstract feel along with the sense of realism combined. I hope that I have achieved that. Suffice it to say, my mother loves it and that's what matters most to me. GIFTED 

Venetian Vase with Grapes, 8x10 acrylic on canvas

Venetian Vase with Grapes

I bought this lovely yellow glass vase from an antique store many years ago while visiting there with a friend. I couldn't resist the look of it, so delicate and fragile. I had to buy it and I knew I wanted to create a painting of it. Private Collection

Orange Pekoe Tea, 8x10 acrylic on canvas

Orange Pekoe Tea

Another painting from life in my kitchen.

This painting puts tea time at center stage, and features this antique cup with lid along with an antique spoon shaped like a shell. I'm a lover of tea and this painting pays homage to the comforting drink.

Green Bowl and Oranges

I had this old green bowl that I bought from Ikea that was literally warped on one side from going into the microwave too often. I thought it was microwave safe but apparently not. But besides that, I was attracted by it's wonderful green color and I felt it would go well with the oranges.  So out came the two oranges that I had on hand and this arrangement followed in my kitchen. I love the shadows produced inside the bowl itself and the natural light illuminating the top of orange inside.

Private Collection

Bowl with Lemons

The bowl with lemons was one of my early attempts at creating a still life using fruit. Painted from life in a studio set up, a simple one of pulling a small round table up to a north-east facing window. My troubles with this painting came in achieving the round shape of the lip of the bowl and after several attempts, I finally got it to the best of my ability. That's the nice thing about Acrylics, you can correct mistakes easily because of the fast drying time.  Private Collection

Eva's Tulips, 11x14 acrylic on canvas

Eva's Tulips

This painting was done for a friend of mine who I have known for many years. She has a fondness for Tulips as they are her country's national flower. Tulips come in many different colors so they are a perfect colorful subject to paint.  Gifted

1931 Cord with 1930's Shell Gas Pump, 10x12, acrylic on canvas

1931 Cord with 1930's Shell Oil Pump

First in my vintage car series. The inspiration for the series came from the Heritage Park Antique Car Museum known as Gasoline Alley. 

1932 Auburn with 1930's Texaco Gas Pump, 10x12, acrylic on canvas

1932 Auburn with 1930's Texaco Gas Pump

1937 Terraplane Pick up Truck Model 78 with vintage Route 66 sign, 10x12, acrylic on canvas

1937 Terraplane Pick up Truck Model 78 with vintage Route 66 sign.

1939 Federal Pick up truck model 78, 10"x 12" acrylic on canvas

1939 Federal Pick up Truck model 78 with Joe's Garage sign.

Three's Company, 11x14, acrylic on canvas

Three's Company

Another fun cups painting. Here we see Chrissy, (yellow), Janet (purple) and Jack (green).  I don't know why I thought of this but the cups, the arrangement and colors reminded me of the television show. Enjoy!

Mandarins on blue, 10"x 10", acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

Mandarins on Blue


Valentine Floral Bouquet

These flowers were given to me by my late husband for Valentine's Day. He would often give me flowers and this was the last just before he passed away. I wanted to paint them as a final reminder of him before they too would perish. I painted them from life and created a set up in my studio using a single light source and a black curtain in the background. This allowed for the intensity of the colors to pop. Private Collection

Chrysanthemums in jam jars, 8x10 acrylic on canvas

Chrysanthemums in jam jars

Chrysanthemums in jam jars, 8x10 acrylic on canvas

These cute little paintings are the result of a larger bouquet of flowers that had wilted away. Only the Chrysanthemums remained. They fitted nicely in small jam jars after I weeded the bunch and I placed them on my living room end tables. I then set myself up to paint them there as the light was brighter through the windows. I like how Chrysanthemums have a spiky quality to their petals and I used thicker amounts of paint on my brush to see the brush strokes of the petals.  Sold

Tiger Lilies on Teal, 20x26 acrylic on canvas

Tiger Lilies on Teal

I am in love with this painting! The bright orange of the Tiger Lilies really stand out from the teal background. It's really stunning up close. As part of a larger floral bouquet, these lilies are what remained from flowers I received a few years ago. I've grown them in my own flower beds as well. They make good cut flowers. Enjoy!

Vintage Cup and Sandwich Plate, 9x12 acrylic on canvas board

Vintage Cup and Sandwich Plate

This item has been in my family for many years. I have always loved the color and shape of this unusual piece. I was happy to be able to paint it using flowers that resembled the ones seen on the motif.


This is absolutely a beautiful painting. I borrowed the image and wanted to paint it as close to the photograph as possible because there was no way I was going to alter it in any way. It deserved to be painted as it's presented and I was very keen to do it. I am so very happy how it turned out.  

Private Collection

Friends, 8x20 acrylic on canvas


I had a lot of fun painting these mugs. The different colors and arrangement that is used is the attraction. 

Margarita Time, 10x10 acrylic on canvas

Margarita Time

A lovely still life set up and painted in my kitchen. Features a small pedestal bowl that was a found item from a thrift store. Love the reflections shown here.

Having a cool margarita on hand during a hot summer day is so nice and refreshing.  If you have a bar in your home, this small still life painting would look great on a small wall.

Blossom in a jar, 10x12, acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

Blossom in a jar

A lovely little still life painting to make your day! Enjoy!

Tea for One, 16"x 20" acrylic on canvas

Tea for One

Abundance, 12"x 16" acrylic on canvas


In this painting, oranges symbolize energy and happiness. Along with the green leaves, it's a vibrant and beautiful piece.

Still Life with Oranges, 12"x 12", acrylic on 1.5" canvas

Still Life with Oranges

I love painting still life's using objects I have or finding them elsewhere. Each object presents a new challenge for me. I enjoy the darker backgrounds and the impact light has onto each object. Enjoy!

This is the newest of the Still life paintings on this page. It features a tea pot on top of the cup and saucer. I made the arrangement myself using items I already had. I love the reflection at the lower bottom of this piece.

Lunch Cafe Table Sunflowers, 11"x 14" acrylic on canvas

Lunch Café Table Sunflowers

While having lunch at a café one afternoon, these sunflowers in a glass was sitting on top of my table. Couldn't help but notice these big beautiful blooms, so I took a photograph with my phone and painted it back in my studio.

Still Life with Lemons

Another still life using objects that I have and the interest in it because of the sunlit reflections. The multiple colors presented by the objects on the surface really enhance this painting.

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