~Do More of What You Love~

Throughout my life I have always been a creative person. I did what most young children do in school, coloring with crayons and making crafts.  I also played with Barbie's and I made neat stuff for them. If I was given an empty shoe box, it soon became Barbie's mode of transportation. 

By the time I reached high school I chose to go into art classes as an extra curricular activity. It was mostly about learning to draw and not much more, but I enjoyed being there. My high school had Drama classes and kids there would put on plays. Not interested in this activity, I instead participated in creating posters that advertised upcoming plays. That was basically the start of my artistic creative journey growing up.

About 32 years ago, I wanted to take up a new hobby. I had always thought of painting and I noticed art supply stores in my city offering art instruction classes.  I thought this was a good way to meet people and learn about art. At that time, I started out with colored pencils because of the affordability and was taught the methods of using them. I liked my pencils so much that I began stockpiling them so I could have every color available. Today I have a large range of Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, my favorite brand.

~ "The Studio is the Artist's sanctuary where creative ideas happen"  ~Marie

A friend of mine, an oil painting artist, suggested to me to try painting on canvas and that I might enjoy doing that too. My choice of Acrylic paints is what interested me the most and as a primarily self taught artist, I spent a lot of time researching and learning everything I could about this versatile and challenging medium. I was fascinated in it's plastic polymer type properties, and fast drying time so I could complete a painting in record time. I learned that it's one of the great things about working with Acrylics. I also began reading about other Artists both past and present, and I had found an admiration for their work and found similarities in my own painting struggles that we often all share as beginner artists. During my painting journey, I was able to attend art classes, workshops and painting demos with prominent professional artists from various parts of Alberta, British Columbia and other parts of Canada. I coordinated and participated in two group art shows which featured a range of artistic talent from the Calgary area. I then formed an art group of like minded individuals that painted together in a studio setting on a weekly basis.

My Happy place !  My Studio

I started my first art blog in 2010 after seeing other ones on the net. I found them interesting and decided to create my own as a way of posting and sharing my work. I posted perhaps 80 pieces of art and other art related posts. I am however, choosing to post only what I would consider my best  works on this site, and by using a simple format of images and short story text to talk about each painting and drawing, I strive to keep things simple. The images themselves often explain what they are. Some of the pieces here were painted on location, some from photographs taken with my camera, and others from life as a set up in my studio or kitchen. The main purpose of this website is to share the joy of creating something that means a lot to me and hopefully viewers will enjoy seeing them. Current paintings for sale are indicated with a red heart. Feel free to send an email on the contact page if you are interested in a purchase.