" I think of flowers as little jewels in nature. They're visual attraction reminds us of the beauty and happiness in the world around us and to appreciate life to the fullest". "I believe my flower paintings are a reflection of that".  ~Marie

Alberta Rose~Double Bloom, 10x12 acrylic on canvas

Alberta Rose ~ Double Bloom

This painting I did is very special. The Alberta Wild Rose is Alberta's Provincial Floral Emblem. They grow in abundance on bushes and are very pretty. I have two of them on my front lawn. This one was especially interesting to paint seeing that it was larger than the rest. I love the variations and intensity of the pink colors that they come in. 

Playful Petals~Crab Apple, 16x20 acrylic on canvas

Playful Petals ~ Crab Apple

I have two very large crabapple trees on my front lawn. Every other year they bloom and what a spectacle it is. It's also very messy once all the flowers die off and not to mention all the crabapples. A small price to pay however given how beautiful they are. They give off a lovely fragrance too. 

Purity~Water Lily 1, 10x12 acrylic on canvas

Purity ~ Water Lily 1

Water Lily 1 & 2 were both taken from photos that I took a few years back while visiting the Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay, B.C.

A stunning painting because of all the sun shine. Just looking at it, you can feel the warmth. The name Purity symbolize the color white.

Not for sale

Christmas Rose, 10x12 acrylic on canvas

Christmas Rose

I called this the Christmas Rose because I painted it around Christmas time, not that's it's an actual Christmas rose. In reality it probably has a real name for this type of flower but I don't really know what it is. Christmas Rose sounded nice at the time. The red color is what drew me to paint it. A color of the holiday season which I love. This painting up close up is a real stunner because of the bright colors and the frenzy of leaves behind it sort of makes you want to find something inside. 

Garden Irises, 14x18 acrylic on canvas

Garden Irises

From a photo I took while visiting family in Victoria, B.C. I saw these in a flower bed inside a traffic circle. Silly me, I parked the car and ran across the road to take the picture. People must have thought I was crazy to be dodging cars for this and I guess I am. But as I said, Flowers are one of my favorite subjects to paint. Someone told me once that I should have been a botanist. 

White Petunias, 10x12 acrylic on canvas

White Petunias

These Petunias were in a pot on my deck last summer. They were blooming nicely. I set myself up to paint them but decided not to paint the pot as well. I just wanted to show the flowers. The Teal background came as a result of my love for this color in particular and I felt it would make the flowers stand out. I think it's one of my best and most realistic of my flower paintings.  Not for sale

Poppy Fantasy, 10x12 acrylic on canvas
Purity~Water Lily 2, 10x12 acrylic on canvas

Purity ~ Water Lily 2

Poppy Fantasy

Poppies are such beautiful flowers. They come in so many colors and sizes. This painting has a full array of them. I painted this as a gift for a lady I worked with who was leaving her job after many years of service. 

This painting was taken from a photo as well and from the same place as Water Lily 1. I love the how the lily pads look in this one, and with the water overlapping them, you really get a feel for how they look in nature.

Purple and Yellow Irises, 10x12 acrylic on canvas

Purple and Yellow Irises

I love Irises. This one I painted while camping one summer on Vancouver Island. Pictured here are the hedges and a light pole in the distance just behind the flowers and to the left were rows of Lupins and their buds. I love this painting.  

Dancing Angels, 10x20 acrylic on canvas

Dancing Angels

I named this painting Dancing Angels because of the petals flapping in the wind as I saw them, sort of like angels dancing gracefully in long flowing white gowns. It's just the vision I had at the time. I was visiting a garden in B.C. when I spotted these. They do stand quite tall and the flowers are quite large in size. I painted them later in my studio from the photo I took as I wasn't able to paint them on site. 

Southern Magnolia, 11x14 acrylic on canvas

Southern Magnolia

I have always loved Magnolias. Beautiful fragrant flowers of the South and the most well known variety in this painting. My Canadian parents had lived and worked in the US for a number of years and talked about this flower, saying how beautiful the Magnolia trees are. I decided to paint one for my mother from a photo I found and as a reminder of her time there. 

White Shrub Rose, 10x12 acrylic on canvas

White Shrub Rose

This is an early painting of mine. I took a photo of this shrub rose while waiting to board at a ferry terminal. It's the first one I did in a series of others as you can see on this page. What I found interesting about this subject was the paper thin quality of the petals. I could almost see through them. The flower itself is only a couple of inches in diameter so I had to get up close to it.

The other interesting story behind this flower is the person who looked at it. I was selling something on Kijiji one day and a man from Edmonton answered my ad. He came over to my house to pick up his item and noticed this painting and inquired about it. He studied my painting intensely and liked it very much. It turned out he's a professional artist and a well known prominent painter in Alberta. I had no idea until I found out later who he was. Although it felt rather unusual, we chatted about our art. I appreciated the feed back he gave me that day.

Evening Primrose, 10x12 acrylic on canvas

Evening Primrose

There's not too much to say about this small painting except to say that I was looking for something to paint in blue at the time. I remember buying a tube of Ultramarine blue paint and I was eager to start using it. After looking at all my other paintings I thought blue was missing in the group. The interest in this painting for me is the relation between the light from above the flowers illuminating the color of the yellow centers and the blue variations of the petals. I felt it really made an impact. 

The Sisters~Mountain Asters, 10x12 acrylic on canvas

Three Sisters ~ Mountain Asters

I named this painting The Three Sisters after finding them on a day trip to Lake Minnewanka near Banff.  These girls are tiny in size and grow close to the ground. They are found pretty much everywhere in the Rockies and you can see them while hiking on trails or at campgrounds and parks. They're so cute and one of my favorites. 

Sunflower Radiance, 10x20 acrylic on canvas

Sunflower Radiance

The Enormous Peony, 24x24 acrylic on canvas

The Enormous Peony

I was inspired to paint this Peony after seeing it displayed inside a gardening center. I was surprised by it's size as I compared it to the size of my hand. The color of it was amazing under the natural light streaming in above the greenhouse. I felt it was worthy to paint it in the size it represented, on a large canvas. I took a pic with my phone camera and set to work on it in my studio. 

For sale at: passionatepainters.ca


A few years back I was visiting The Revelstoke Art Gallery in Revelstoke British Columbia. Unfortunately, I got there at closing time, but the visit was not wasted when I noticed they had a beautiful flower garden right beside the building. I went for a stroll with my camera in hand. They had many large sunflowers there leaning on one wall against the building entrance just waiting for a snap shot. I really enjoyed painting this one because I liked the flowers against the red brick wall behind them.  

White Rose, 30x30 acrylic on canvas

White Rose

Pink Allure ~ Rose

This is definitely very special and one of the most favorite of my flower paintings. I painted it from life and I have used the image for many other applications over the years including desk top images. It's the one featured on my home page on this website. I just love how this flower looks in general, as it is so beautiful in its shape and color. It was a joy to paint it, capturing  it's essence.   

Eloquence~Blue Iris Close-up, 16x16 acrylic on canvas

Eloquence ~ Blue Iris Close-Up

At the time I painted this, I had seen artwork of flowers that focused only on a small section of the flower itself, making it look large. I was attracted by the vibrant blue and yellow parts of the Iris. I liked the contrast of the two colors contrasting together. 

This is another large flower painting and was inspired by my love of the art of American Painter, Georgia O'Keeffe. Using one of my own photos, I first sketched it out right on the canvas, then painted it. I like some of the more subtle colors in this creation and I find it invokes a softness to it.

Nasturtiums 10x10 acrylic on canvas
Nasturtiums 10x10 acrylic on canvas


 I painted these last year during the start of the Covid-19 lockdown and the nasturtiums seen here were from a large pot in my backyard garden. I took a picture of it standing above the pot, looking down on them. The flowers are pretty, but what I found most interesting are the leaves. They have an unusual interesting shape to them that I love. 

Peony in Pink, 10x10 acrylic on canvas

Peony in Pink

These Peonies are lovely and came from the many flower photos that I have on my computer. It's the first in a series of four. All four are for sale.

Peony in Peach, 10x10 acrylic on canvas
Pink Passion, 12x12 acrylic on canvas

Pink Passion

A few years back, while taking a stroll at a park in the Okanagan, I had seen several large bushes with pink flowers in them. They were quite nice and the pink flowers really stood out against all the leaves.  I like painting bushes because along with the flowers,  I like the feeling of depth that you see in the bush itself. 

Peony in Peach

Second in the series. 

Peony in Yellow, 10x10 acrylic on canvas

Peony in Yellow

 Third in the series.

Peony in Red, 10x10 acrylic on canvas

Peony in Red

Potted Pinks, 16x20 acrylic on canvas

Potted Pinks

These lovely flowers sat in a pot on my deck. We had a hail storm recently in Calgary which caused a lot of damage and my poor flowers got it. I was able to take a photo before it happened and decided to turn it into this painting. The colors are bright and beautiful.

November Poppies, 12x14 acrylic on deep profile canvas

November Poppies

This unusual piece was painted using both acrylic paint and permanent colored markers. The effect is very interesting and even more impressive to see it live. I was inspired by the poppies that is worn to commemorate our brave soldiers that fought in WW1 & 2.

 Last in the series.

Pleasing Petals, 12x36 acrylic on canvas

Pleasing Petals

This is one of my latest paintings. I painted this from a photo I took standing above a few large planters that contained an abundance of these flowers. I combined the flowers to create this colorful painting.

Roses, 11x14 acrylic on deep profile canvas


Roses of all varieties are so lovely. They come in many colors, shapes and sizes. Some are fragrant too. They look great in vases and can uplift your mood as well as send a message of Love.